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Frequently Asked Questions

Most Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I customize my design?
  • Can I have my website hosted under my own domain?
  • Can I use my site for selling products online?
  • How can I change my login name?
  • I can't log in my account from the Edit icon at the bottom of each page - no login popup appears.
  • I keep getting logged-out when editing my site.
  • Can I switch to another design at any time?
  • Can I implement my own design in Big Website Builder using HTML, instead of the web-based interface?
  • Can I make some pages on my site available to select users only?
  • Can I change the size, font and color of text?
  • Can I insert music or movies on the page?
  • Can I link directly to the URL of an image added in Big Website Builder?
  • Is there a file size limit for uploading files?
  • What types of web forms can I create with the Forms Editor?
  • Can I receive notification for new postings on my Forum or Blog?
  • Can I use the HTML Snippet for integrating a PayPal button or Shopping Cart?
  • How can I improve my website performance in the search engine results?
  • Can I make a website in Big Website Builder and host it on a different server?


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